The Hypothyroidism Revolution is a natural and lasting treatment

A Natural Treatment for Hypothyroidism

A Natural Treatment for Hypothyroidism

Treating Hypothyroidism Naturally

Hypothyroidism is a sneaky condition that is associated with weight gain, depression and heart disease; many people are believed to be suffering from this illness in silence. What are the symptoms of hypothyroidism and is there a natural cure for hypothyroidism?

The Metabolism Control-Center

Thyroid ControlThe thyroid is a small, soft organ located on the neck. It receives signals from the brain and asa response to these signals the thyroid produces hormones controlling the rate of metabolism in the body. The thyroid function is similar to the switch on your heater; when the level of thyroid hormones are increased metabolism goes up, when the levels are low all the bodily functions are working slower. In hypothyroidism the switch has been turned to low and the body is put in energy-saving mode.

The body stores fat, the skin becomes dull and your energy is down in your socks. Nothing feels like much fun. Do you recognize these symptoms? Could YOU in fact be one of the sufferers of this illness and how could you tell?

Symptoms of hypothyroidism

How can one recognize the symptoms of hypothyroidism? There is no screening program in place for this disease and many are thought to be suffering in silence. The following could be an indicator that your thyroid hormones could be under the optimal level:

  • Low energy levels, never having the energy to play with your children or meeting up with a friend can be an indicator that something is wrong.


  • Dry hair and dull complexion.


  • Being frozen and feeling the need to put on an extra sweater even though people in your surrounding seem warm enough.


  • Problems with the


  • Difficulty concentrating


  • Depression is also associated with hypothyroidism. Feelings of worthlessness, losing interest in your hobbies and waking up in the early morning hours agonizing are all signs of depression.


  • Weight gain is another typical symptom of hypothyroidism.


  • In women, difficulty getting pregnant can be a result of low thyroid levels.


  • A swelling on the neck is a classical symptom.


Hypothyroidism Diet

There have been many highly interesting testimonies from people claiming to have reversed their hypothyroidism through their diet! Is there such a thing as a hypothyroid diet? Is there a possibility that a diet for hypothyroidism could help YOU manage your symptoms and increase your levels of thyroid hormones?

The Natural Thyroid Diet. The 4-Week Plan To Living Well, Living Vibrantly is the ultimate guide to treating hypothyroidism naturally.(Just click the link to find out more)

To investigate the claim that a thyroid diet could replace standard medical treatment one has to look in more dept into what is going on in that small organ on your neck.


The Underlying Mechanisms of Hypothyroidism 

Thyroid ControlNo one can completely explain the underlying mechanism for the most common form of hypothyroidism- not even your doctor. The cause is believed to be an autoimmune attack on the thyroid by the body’s immune system, meaning that the white blood cells destroy the cells of the thyroid.

The treatment offered is hormone-substitution with synthetic thyroid-hormones. This will raise the levels of thyroid hormones in the blood and reverse the symptoms to a certain extent. But many people with hypothyroidism are asking themselves: Is there such a thing as a natural cure for hypothyroidism?

When the switch is turned to energy-saving mode is buying an extra heat aggregate the solution, or is there a way to turn the switch back up? (of course the reseller of those expensive aggregates would not want you to investigate this possibility…)

The truth is that there are many medical conditions that can be reversed through diet and exercise; examples include type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and heart disease. So what does the research has to say about a thyroid diet?

Scientific Evidence for Hypothyroidism Diet 

When it comes to studies investigating the effect of a hypothyroid diet the material are sparse. There is not much research going on in this area. Why is that? One needs to be aware of the fact that economic interests are highly involved in controlling which areas of medicine that are being researched. Research costs money: personal, material and time; nothing comes for free.

All research groups have to get funding from somewhere to conduct their research. One thing is for sure and that is that the medical industry has no interest in research that could decrease their sales. The pharmaceutical industry is a multimillion dollar business and they are protective of their interest.

So what can be found in the few studies conducted on this area?

  • Studies in rats have shown that a diet high in fats and cholesterol can induce hypothyroidism, indicating that the diet can in fact influence the function of the thyroid gland.
  • In a study performed by Laurberg et al. 2013, the researchers conclude that the prevailing view that hypothyroidism is an unpreventable disease is incorrect. They show that iodine intake, smoking cessation and reduced alcohol intake can lower the risk of getting the disease substantially.
  • A new study recently in the Journal of Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders in august 2014 shows that a high-fat diet can indeed induce hypothyroidism.

Turning the switch back up 

If there was such a thing as a diet for hypothyroidism, would you be willing to try to cure your hormone-imbalance naturally? More and more people are exploring this option and seem to be getting fantastic results. A diet for hypothyroidism seem to have the potential of reducing the symptoms of a low functioning thyroid. If your hormone levels are on the low side, trying to implement a few diet changes or following a thyroid diet could be worth trying as a way to relieve your symptoms of low energy levels, overweight and memory problems.

A low thyroid function could have a connection with the diet choices you are making every day.  If many are reversing this condition through the diet alone what is the harm in giving that option a go? Better food choices and exercise is the best way to care for your body. Even if you can substitute your hormone levels pharmacologically, there is no substitution for your body when other functions start to fail due to a poor diet.

Turn this downward spiral around now and begin your journey for a healthier life. When your energy levels go up, so will your mood and social life; and perhaps that portable heater could go in the basement. Get on the train; turn the switch back up!



The Natural Thyroid Diet. The 4-Week Plan To Living Well, Living Vibrantly is the ultimate guide to treating hypothyroidism naturally.

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A Natural Treatment For Hypothyroidism - Is it Possible to Reverse Your Condition Through Diet?