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hypothyroidism testimonial

Name: Linda

Hey Tom


The health improvements from following the pro-thyroid recommendations in your program have been life changing for me.

My energy levels have soared along with a huge increase in brain focus and concentration.

I was definitely challenged with sleep after going thru menopause, but this program is helped so much in that area.

I have had wonderful improvements in my digestive system– years of problems with bloating and constipation, have gone way.  I “burped” the other day and realised how long it’s been since I burped,  since it doesn’t happen often any more.

I don’t have any odor in my armpits anymore and I don’t feel the need to chew gum like I used to because my mouth had a bad taste in it.

My hair grows close to half an 1/2 inch/months now… unfortunately it expose my grey too quickly… a much better problem to have than the opposite.

I have tried so many alternative health protocols in the past without the success I’ve had with the recommendations in your dietary protocols.

I just so look forward to another year on this pro-thyroid inflammation lowering diet to discover even more health improvements in the future.

Thanks Tom